If you would like to request a refund for outstanding credit balances on your account, please contact the individual UPMC entity.  You may send a message electronically using the "Contact UPMC" link at the website https://paybill.upmc.com/OBP/ContactUs


You may also contact the UPMC entity by phone or mail. 


For patients of UPMC hospitals and physician groups, the phone number is 888-647-9600.  The mailing address is:  UPMC Customer Service, Mail Stop QUT-01-02-07, 200 Lothrop Street, Pittsburgh PA 15213-2582.


For members of UPMC Health Plan, the phone number is 888-499-6913.  The mailing address is:  UPMC Health Plan Member Services, 600 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Contact information for additional UPMC entities can be found at http://www.upmc.com/locations/Pages/default.aspx .